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The wait for the Arc System’s fighting game, DNF Duel, is finally coming to an end since the game recently made its debut with an open beta.

The first open beta was only available to PlayStation users and it was completely free. Users on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo will need to continue waiting to test out the game. Considering there will be more public tests in form of betas, the chances are users from other platforms may be able to test out the game before its full release.

If you’re getting ready to participate in a DNF Duel beta, make sure to have enough room for the game on your hard drive, around 2.7 GB. The first open beta of the game only featured an online mode, but the upcoming tests may invite players to test out more aspects of the game. DNF Duel is currently looking for a Summer 2022 release.

Here are all the beta times and dates for DNF Duel.

Name Start Date End Date
December open beta Dec. 17 Dec. 20

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