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Apple Music Sing reassures us that updates no longer have to be boring

Let’s face it, operating system updates have become especially boring in recent years. Changes as notable as Material You on Android 12 only occur once in a long while. Similarly, we haven’t seen system-wide overhauls on iPhones since iOS 7. This is technically a good thing since it shows the operating systems we rely on have matured. Back in the day, OEMs had plenty to improve upon. Now, annual, major OS updates get tweaks or a notable feature, but that’s about it.

However, I miss the excitement I felt when Dark Mode launched with iOS 13. I yearn for the hype I used to experience every WWDC in anticipation of the fresh beta OS reveal. I remember when, on different occasions, Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade launched. It felt like the company had too many gaps to fill years ago, and now it’s running out of new ideas for apps, services, and features to offer.

Then came Apple Music Sing, which made me realize that creativity and innovation aren’t done in this field. Companies can still and will surprise us with thrilling changes, even if not as frequently as before.


Now, you must be wondering, “Why is this guy hyped up about Apple Music Sing, a feature that most subscribers likely won’t use more than once?” To clarify, I’m neither a karaoke enthusiast nor an aspiring singer. And for your sake, the neighbors’, and mine, I won’t post a demo of me using the feature. This isn’t about us finally being able to sing along to our favorite tracks in a hassle-free manner. I’m looking at the bigger picture here: originality.

People hadn’t been actively requesting Apple Music Sing, yet Apple introduced it anyway, and that’s a good sign.

Apple’s great products and services just work for most users, so Apple doesn’t go any further. Those seeking more advanced offerings tend to look at third-party solutions, rather than features baked into iOS and macOS. For example, Apple offers iMessage, which is perfectly fine for texting people. Though, people looking for an upgraded instant messaging (IM) experience tend to use apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Messenger. Another example is the Apple Watch Rings. The Cupertino firm has a solid activity tracking system, but it’s lacking when we look at apps like Gentler Streak, which enables users to take break days. So, how does Apple Music Sing tie into this?

How to use Apple Music Sing on an iPhone or iPad 4

Lyrics in Apple Music is the bare minimum I would expect from the company, and the feature has been available for years now. Apple Music Sing is a power-user addition that I would’ve never expected the great iPhone maker to introduce, at least not anytime soon. Similar karaoke services exist and have for years, but it feels like now that Apple has debuted an addition that other popular music streaming services don’t offer, it’s making more of an effort to stand out. People hadn’t been actively requesting this feature on online platforms, yet Apple introduced it anyway, and that’s a good sign.

The great thing about Apple Music Sing is that it didn’t leak beforehand. It totally caught us off guard when the press release landed, which is rare nowadays. When we already know what features or specifications to expect before an official reveal, the excitement sort of dies off. Take Apple Music Classical as an example. The company promised to deliver it in 2022 when it acquired Primephonic last year, and we’ve seen traces of it in the code. Yet here we are, rushing to look for it with every weekly OS beta release, only to be disappointed when we don’t find it listed. At this point, when/if it eventually launches, I’m certain I won’t be as enthusiastic about it, even though it’s supposedly more notable than the Sing feature.

Apple devices

So with Apple being able to maintain the surprise element with Sing’s launch, I’m confident that equivalent additions will surface in a similarly-unexpected manner down the road. And this reignites the hopeful spark inside me that had almost burned out. I only wish that iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, and watchOS 10 include more of these power user additions, which we don’t really expect to see from Apple.

Now that it has smoothed out its operating systems, it has to find modern and creative ways to keep WWDC an interesting event. And with the mixed-reality headset rumored to make an appearance next June, Apple should be able to fuel our passion for new hardware and features.

Abdullah Anaman
Abdullah Anaman
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