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Nintendo Reminds Us Splatoon 3 Is Coming To Switch

Image: Nintendo Next year Nintendo is jumping “back into the ink” with the release of Splatoon 3. Yes, in case you missed it, the third


2022 Should Be An Incredible Year For Fighting Games

The pandemic has led to a shift in fighting games. Demand for better online came into focus and began spreading among hardcore players, which saw


All beta times and dates for DNF Duel

The wait for the Arc System’s fighting game, DNF Duel, is finally coming to an end since the game recently made its debut with an


LG’s new 16:18 monitor looks like a multitasking powerhouse

Are monitors with traditional aspect ratios just not getting the job done for you? LG might have the answer. Today the company has announced what


One of the best Microsoft Edge features just got even better

Microsoft is currently working on a new update for its browser that will add even more functionality to the Web Capture tool which first appeared


Slopes for iPhone and Apple Watch gets major update with privacy-minded location sharing, more

The fantastic Slopes app to track your skiing and boarding on iPhone and Apple Watch has gotten a big update today. Four major new features


Russia boots up Baikal-S processor, powers government infrastructure

Russian company Baikal Electronics has officially fired up its new Baikal-S processor, which has 48 cores based on the Arm Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). VIEW


Ayato And Yae Miko Could Arrive In The Same Update.

A Gesnhin Impact leak reveals that the two popular characters Yae Miko and Kamisato Ayato could arrive in the same update 2.5. Genshin Impact update


From iPhone 13 to polishing cloth, every Apple product launched in 2021

Few companies make a profound impact on consumers’ daily lives as Apple does. Although Apple’s product lineup is relatively small compared to that of its


Signal increases its video group call limit to 40 participants

Secure messaging app Signal has increased its video group call limit to 40 members. The app released its end-to-end encrypted group call feature a year