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Galaxy S10 Lite owners in the U.S. still await Android 13, even after its latest update

A new firmware has arrived on the Galaxy S10 Lite in the US, but Android 13 is no where to be found.

As the largest handset manufacturer in the world, Samsung has a lot of devices in its catalog, which means it has a lot of smartphones that it needs to maintain over the course of several years. For the average consumer, getting an OS update might not matter, but for those that are more in touch with technology, getting the latest version of Android is a huge deal.

For the most part, Samsung has been doing a great job of updating its handsets to Android 13. While most companies will drag its feet or prioritize its most recent flagship products, Samsung has been rolling out its One UI 5 update to a number of its devices, some that are even a few generations old. But, not all devices are getting a smooth roll-out.

Despite a new firmware version rolling out to Galaxy S10 Lite devices in the United States, the handset is still stuck on Android 12, meaning those in the US will have to continue to be patient. While this in itself wouldn’t be too big of a blow, what makes it a bit more impactful is that the Galaxy S10 Lite has already received an Android 13 update in Spain, which means at some point it should arrive stateside.

The Galaxy S10 Lite firmware, version G770U1UES6GVL2, brings a number of fixes and security patches from the December 2022 Android security update. For those in possession of the correct model, you can download the update over-the-air (OTA) or download the update and install it manually. Just be sure to back up the important information on your device if you’re going to choose the manual route.

Although this phone might sound appealing, unfortunately, there are few retailers that actually sell this model brand new, with most only carrying renewed or refurbished units. Luckily, there are other great smartphones in Samsung’s current lineup, with these being some of the best Samsung smartphones options out right now.

Source: SamMobile

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