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Here’s why the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro snapped in half when bent


  • JustSomeRandomGuy
  • EwD

Anonymous, 46 minutes agoIf in your back pocketwho the hell puts their phone, especially THIS kind of phone, on their back pocket? only complete idiots would do that


  • UNKNOWN soldier
  • Lcg

it’s the first thing i do …try to snap my new phone in half the strongest i can..????m


If a phone breaks in half easily, it’s certainly made out of cheap material, unreliable build or bad structure designed!

Stop defending it with comments such as “bad YouTuber”, “useless tests” or “no phone cases” LOL! Seriously??? Nah! I pay thousands dollars for something, I expect it to last and be durable, not gently caring it like an egg?! My 7 Years old Nexus 6P can do far more better than that!

Phones nowadays are not built to last, they suck and they’re pathetic, just admit it…


Bend tests are a kinda silly tbh. There should be drop tests instead, since drops are more likely to occur than bending


  • Anonymous
  • Idu

Asd, 47 minutes agoIts not like your going to bend it in everyday use eh?If in your back pocket


Its not like your going to bend it in everyday use eh?


  • Anonymous
  • Idu

Gamer Rage


  • Anonymous
  • a0V

Buying a solid case they say

For a phone where in most (but not all) regions the accessories are non existent (even from Asus)

It snapped in half so easily 💀

First OP 10 Pro now ROG 6, who’s next on the list?

looks saddening.

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