Friday, December 2, 2022
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Hideo Kojima wants to explore creating films and music

Hideo Kojima has said that he would like to explore creating films and music, in addition to games.

Speaking at the Anan Awards in Japan (via Famitsu), where the director won the top honours in the culture category for his work on Death Stranding, he said that while he’s made games for his whole career, “all fields are connected in digital works, so I would like to expand from games to fields such as film and music.”

While Kojima’s fondness for film is no secret, with his Twitter bio claiming that “70% of (his) body is made of movies,” he hasn’t spoken as publicly about his desire to create music.

Death Stranding – PC Game Pass Announcement Trailer

Music has been a large part of his recent projects, with Death Stranding’s soundtrack featuring acclaimed artists such as Chvrches, Bring Me The Horizon, and large contributions from Low Roar, a musical project from the late Ryan Karazija.

Kojima Productions recently announced it had established a TV and film studio based in Los Angeles, and according to Kojima its work was to begin in earnest this year.

When Kojima will find time to also produce films and music is unclear however, as the director appears to be as busy as ever, with multiple projects believed to be in development at Kojima Productions. 

In recent weeks, Kojima has confirmed that Elle Fanning and Shiori Kutsuna are set to star in an as-yet unannounced game from his studio.

He also told The Guardian that one of his upcoming projects is “almost like a new medium”, claiming: “If this succeeds, it’ll turn things around – not just in the game industry, but in the movie industry as well.”

Actor Norman Reedus, who played protagonist Sam Porter Bridges in Death Stranding, seemingly confirmed that a sequel is in development in an interview published in May.