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How did Quentin Oliver Lee die? Tributes pour in as Broadway star passes away at 34

Broadway star Quentin Oliver Lee recently passed away from colon cancer on December 1, 2022, at the age of 34. Over the years, the actor had appeared in various plays like Phantom of the Opera, The Prince of Broadway, The Gershwins’ Porgy & Bess, and more.

Quentin’s wife Angie Lee Graham disclosed the news on social media in a post featuring her late husband and their daughter. She wrote that he was surrounded by his family at the time of death:

“He was an incredible man, husband, father, son, brother, friend, singer, actor, and disciple of Christ with great faith in his Father in Heaven. To say “he will be dearly missed” doesn’t reflect the scope of the people and communities he has created and touched.”

Angie concluded the post by stating that they need some privacy for now as they mourn Quentin’s loss and that the best wishes of his fans mean a lot to her.

Quentin Oliver Lee was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer

Quentin Oliver Lee was fighting stage 4 colon cancer, which eventually lead to his demise. He was diagnosed with the disease in May 2022 following his performance in Oratorio for Living Things.

While revealing the news, he posted a picture of the hospital wristband and wrote that the entire year has been a tough journey for him following his sold-out performance, and at the same time, contracting the disease.


He had to undergo chemotherapy and surgery and a month after his diagnosis, a GoFundMe page was launched since Lee’s family was unable to cover the overall expenses of his treatment. Quentin also wrote in the description:

“All of you have already shown your love and support in so many ways. Know that, any donation will help us pay medical bills, keep the lights on, keep food on the table, and help Angie and I stay focused on beating this disease instead of worrying about how we can meet our needs.”

Colon cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the large intestine and is most common in older adults. It starts when small and non-cancerous clumps of cells called polyps form inside the colon and eventually turn cancerous.

Netizens pay tribute on Twitter

Quentin Oliver Lee was a well-known personality as he gained recognition over the years for his frequent appearances on Broadway. Twitter was flooded with tributes when people heard about his demise:

@PhantomOpera This is incredibly sad, he was one of the few phantoms I’ve been able to see live. He was an amazing actor, and I’m sure a fabulous person.

@PhantomOpera Oh nooo! He was incredible when my mother and I went to see Phantom of the Opera. I’m so saddened to hear this.

@PhantomOpera So so sad! I saw him in SF. He had quite a stage presence

@PhantomOpera How heartbreaking 💔 so sad such a great talent was taken so young. RIP Angel of Music 🎼🌹

@PhantomOpera How sad. I had hoped to see him on Broadway as the next African-American Phantom

@PhantomOpera God he was really young, only 34. He was an incredibly talented performer. Hope he’s resting easy

Quentin Oliver Lee was known for his appearances on Broadway

Quentin Oliver Lee was famous for his appearances on Broadway (Image via quentinsings/Instagram)
Quentin Oliver Lee was famous for his appearances on Broadway (Image via quentinsings/Instagram)

Quentin finished his graduation from Northern Arizona University and was a teacher at the Flagstaff School of Music. Broadway World reported that he performed as a soloist on various occasions.

Lee was a member of organizations like Opera Collective of New York, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Shrine off the Ages choir, Cardinal Key Honor Society, and more. He was popular for his appearances on Caroline, or Change, Prince of Broadway, I Am Harvey Milk, and more.

Quentin is survived by his wife Angie and daughter Samantha.

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