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How To Earn Free Items Through Rocket League’s ‘Jump-Start A Friend’ Event

Rocket League’s newest event is all about getting players back into the game, and Psyonix are offering some pretty sweet rewards to those who party up with current or former players.

The event is called Jump-Start a Friend, and while the 20-second trailer left players a bit confused on how the event works, it’s actually pretty easy to sign up and start earning rewards.

After signing up at with a linked Epic Games account, players will immediately earn the ‘Jump-Starter’ player banner, and will then start to earn points by partying up and playing matches with friends. Both you and your partner will earn the following points that count toward unlocking event rewards:

  • 10 Points – Play an online match with any friend
  • 20 Points – Play one online match with a friend who hasn’t played in 30 days
  • 100 Points – Extra bonus for your first online match with a friend who hasn’t played in 30 days – this bonus is given once per friend for up to three different friends.

After earning a 100 point bonus by recruiting a former player back into Rocket League, you’ll earn 20 points for every game you play with them after that – with no upper limit.

Obviously, the strategy to maximizing your points is figuring out which friends haven’t played Rocket League in 30 days. Luckily the Jump-Start site makes this easy, too — navigate to the Jump-Start dashboard and you’ll find a list of your platform friends, and exactly how many points you’ll get for playing with them.

After completing a match with a qualifying teammate, your points should appear on the Reward Tracker within a few minutes and display your progress to your next reward. As you can see below, you’ll earn a unique avatar border, the Sweat Vet decal, and the Pointed Posts wheels after every 100 points. Starting at 400 points, every 50 points will earn you a new “painted” variant of the bombastic Manganese Boost.

Players who manage to earn 1,050 points will earn 14 painted variants of this boost in total, including the highly sought-after black and titanium white versions. Keep in mind, these rewards are untradable, which means that this event is the only way they can currently be acquired.

The Rocket League Jump-Start a Friend event is live from November 9 to 22, which gives players just under two weeks to grind for rewards. Earning all 18 rewards won’t be a quick task, but if you’re playing Rocket League anyways, you might as well hit up some old friends and earn some sweet rewards.

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