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How To Find Every Collectible For Hugo’s Herbarium In A Plague Tale: Requiem

Asobo Studies brings us back to 14th century France and the harrowing tale of Amicia and Hugo de Rune. After defeating Nicholas and the Inquisition in the first game, the siblings seek a cure for the Macula and live peacefully in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

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Throughout the game, there are a variety of collectibles to find. There are a total of 17 chapters in the game, but not every chapter will contain a collectible. In many chapters, you’ll find either a special flower or feather to add to Hugo’s Herbarium. We’ve located all 12 collectibles for Hugo’s Herbarium and provided a walkthrough on obtaining each of them.



amicia finding arrowhead flower chapter two a plague tale requiem

The first collectible pops up in the second chapter, Newcomers. After Lucas teaches Amicia how to craft Ignifer, and they take the lift to escape the rats, continue to run up the stairs to emerge back outside. As you continue heading through the city, you’ll find the Arrowhead flower next to a shovel in the ground by a tree.


amicia walking up to the tree by florist body

The next collectible is found in chapter three, A Burden of Blood. Amicia and Lucas will gain entrance to the herbalist’s home, but will find his wife, the florist, dead next to a tree. If you look up into the tree, you’ll see a latch that can be broken that will drop the Chamomile collectible hanging from the tree.


amicia finding gentian flower by the water

Finding the collectible in Protector’s Duty is as simple as going right instead of left. When Amicia and Lucas reach the coast, head down the path but turn to the right instead of the left. You’ll keep running down the path until you see the Gentian flower planted just near the water to be claimed.


amicia finding anemone on cliffside

You won’t find the collectible in the fifth chapter, In Our Wake, until you separate from Lucas and Amicia is on her own. After helping dislodge the chain so the boat can continue down the river, run along the coast up the ramp to reach the platform.

Push the cart to the back ledge of the leftmost building. Break the latch to drop the bridge, then climb up the cart to reach the ledge. Head across the newly dropped path and continue following the trail up the cliff to find the Anemone collectible.

Jay Feather

hugo finding jay feather by the tree

The collectible in the sixth chapter, Leaving All Behind, is unmissable. After being separated from Lucas and Beatrice, follow the main path with Hugo until you reach a wide field of flowers. Hugo will run up ahead with Amicia slowly behind him. At the base of the tree, Hugo finds a feather and decides he’d like to collect feathers instead of flowers.

Black Headed Gull

amicia and hugo finding feather on the beach

Similar to the feather in the sixth chapter, the collectible in chapter seven, Felons, can be found relatively early in the chapter. Follow Hugo along the path until he reaches the cliffside.

After the cutscene, continue to follow him and Arnaud down the cliff toward the beach. When you reach the boat blocking the entrance, you’ll see a shack to the left next to the hanging fish.

Enter the shack and jump through the window to find another path. You’ll find the Black Headed Gull feather at the end of the path.

Black Kite

amicia and hugo finding feather on La Cuna

Amicia and Hugo finally reach La Cuna in chapter eight, A Sea of Promises. After you dock on the island, head down the main path until you reach the market. In the back left part of the market, there will be a smaller theater area where you’ll ask a woman for information.

There’s a path behind her that leads behind the stone benches, and you’ll find the feather at the base of the tree.

Barn Owl

amicia and hugo running down the path

The collectible for Hugo’s Herbarium in chapter nine, Tales and Revelations, isn’t found until near the end of the chapter. After avoiding the numerous guards on your way to the sanctuary, you’ll enter a broken tower on the left of the main path.

When you enter the tower, head up the stairs to the top of the tower. There will be an opening in the middle of the stairs, but you want to continue to go up the stairs to reach another exit. Climb up the ledge and head down the path to find the Barn Owl feather.


amicia and hugo finding feather near the water cliffside

Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia encounter new enemies in the form of slavers in chapter ten, Bloodline. After you make your way through the initial area of slavers, you’ll be in a busted building with the door blocked.

Go through the opening behind the cover in the middle of the room. Loop around and climb the ledge to reach the high point in the center of the room. Have Sophia operate the crank on the left to lift the chandelier up, and then use the anchor point to create momentum to break the door. Head outside and stay on the left path to find a ledge. Drop from the ledge and continue walking down the path to find the feather at the end.

European Goldfinch

amicia and hugo finding feather underground

Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia return to the main island in the eleventh chapter, The Cradle of Centuries. After finding your way underground, you’ll find barrels of Greek fire that can be used to clear obstructions along the path.

After you blow up the first barrel of Greek fire, you’ll be in a room with a workbench. The back right corner of the room will have another barrel of Greek fire hidden behind a pile of wood. Ignite the barrel to clear the wood, and crawl through the hole to find the European Goldfinch feather.

Greylag Goose

amicia putting the feather on Hugo's shirt

There isn’t a collectible for Hugo’s Herbarium in the twelfth chapter, but another feather does pop up in the thirteenth chapter, Nothing Left. After avoiding the heavily armored soldier by the torn down church, you’ll be in the roof of a broken house. Continue moving forward until you drop down into a room with a workbench.

After using the bench, climb up the ledge on the right and continue walking around the side of the house to drop down another ledge. Grab the cart and push it to the left wall, not the wall directly behind you. When you climb the ledge, you’ll find the last feather for Hugo’s Herbarium.


amicia and lucas finding the flower in the rubble

The last collectible for Hugo’s Herbarium is found in chapter 16, King Hugo. This collectible is unmissable and obtained near the beginning of the chapter. Follow Lucas across the bridge and there will be a workbench on the right.

After using the workbench, continue following Lucas, and he’ll lead you to the last flower for Hugo’s Herbarium, a Carnation, which was the first flower Hugo ever offered to Amicia.

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