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Kwame Baffoe Abronye: Do we have serious prosecutors as a country?

We have serious judges in the country who can help fight corruption in the system. No wonder President Akufo Addo has established over 120 Courts buildings across the country. The President’s trust and confidence in the judiciary to fight corruption is stronger than apartheid.

But let’s ask ourselves, do we have serious State Prosecutors as a Country?

When several corrupt cases are pending together with several murder cases, only cassava and goat thieves are being tried and prosecuted. Why.

The settlement between the State Prosecutors and Ato Essien must be seriously investigated by an independent By- Partisan Committee since I strongly believe that something fishy happened at the backdoor.
You went to Court with a claim of Gh 620 million cedis being the amount of money squandered or embezzled by the Accused persons. It presupposes that this settlement is an admission of all the charges including the 620 million embezzlement levelled against the accused persons. So why should Ama Ghana accept GH 90 million cedis? Please who is pocketing the remaining GH 530 million cedis?

Infact, this settlement is not different from the Woyome case where the so called State Prosecutors failed to take into account the fact that the government of Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo had spent a whooping GH 21 billion cedis to pay depositors/customers in the banking / financial institutions fraud in the country. The said amount could have been used to create a lot of jobs for our youth who are jobless, used to construct more roads, used to build more hospitals or used to build more educational infrastructures etc.

When the offence is murder, some State Prosecutors would ask the judge to adjourn unlike when the offense is about stealing goat and cassava under section 124 of the criminal offences Act , 1960.
The language used usually, my lord or my lady we pray that the accused be convicted and sentence to prison custody.

When the offense is Causing Financial Loss to State and accused persons admits all the charges, the language too is simple, My lord or My lady this morning we have reached a settlement with the accused persons and same has been filed. We pray that the Terms of Settlement be adopted.
Awurade Kasa na Ama is suffering.

Kudos to Kudus

Kudos to His Lordship Justice Eric Kyei Baffour

Kudos to His Lordship Justice Dr. Osei-Hwere, Sekondi High Court

Kudos to His Lordship Justice Fredrick Arnold W. K. Nawurah, High Court Wenchi

Asem Beba Dabi

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