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Battlefield 2042’s new features include vehicle drops and wingsuits, and one memorable clip stands out by combining both of them.


While there have been plenty of Battlefield 2042 clips that focus on showing off the game’s bugs and glitches, some highlight the series’ defining “Battlefield moments.” One such Battlefield 2042 clip shows two new features coming together in one awesome stunt.

While Battlefield 2042 clips that showcase rendezook recreations and long-range snipes are certainly fun to watch, the videos that highlight the game’s new mechanics stand out a bit more. Battlefield 2042’s wingsuits have led to some great plays, as they allow players to fly great distances across the game’s massive maps. The vehicle drops have led to some interesting scenarios, too, with players calling their vehicles in on top of rooftops and in other unexpected places. Redditor Mac_McMillan seized the opportunity to combine both mechanics, creating one memorable play.


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The start of the clip sees the Battlefield 2042 player using their wingsuit to fly a great distance, with the player crossing all the way across the map as fighting goes on below them. While the footage does a fine job of showcasing just how useful the wingsuits can be for traversal, the player catches something as they come to the end of their journey. As they come closer to the ground, an enemy tank can be seen dropping into the map, with the vehicle likely to do a lot of damage if the Redditor’s opponent had gotten ahold of it.

Mac-MacMillan wastes no time seizing the opportunity, pulling off an incredible Wingsuit trick while stopping the enemy team from getting another tank. They speed up, flying directly at the tank and catching up to it in mid-air. They successfully hijack the vehicle in mid-air, climbing into the tank as it floats down to the ground below. This moment took an incredible amount of luck and skill, as the player had to be flying across the sky at the exact time that the enemy called in their vehicle drop.

The best part about the video is that the player manages to pick up a few kills with their stolen Battlefield 2042 vehicle. After hopping into the tank, they run over one opponent and gun down two others with the tank’s cannon. They then drive off, bringing the tank to another part of the map to do some more damage. With the players Mac_MacMillan killed waiting to jump into the tank, they were surely caught off guard when it seemingly went rogue and began shooting at them out of nowhere. They likely had no idea an enemy had flown in from above and stolen their vehicle, making the moment even more special.

With DICE continuing to improve Battlefield 2042, the issues players have with the game should lessen. As such, the community’s focus could turn to sharing memorable clips like this one.

Battlefield 2042 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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