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Nintendo Releases Update For Switch (Version 15.0.1), Here Are The Details

Nintendo Switch OLED Model
Image: Nintendo

At the beginning of November, Nintendo released a system update for the Switch, bumping it up to Version 15.0.1.

As revealed by dataminer OatmealDome at the time, it included a handful of fixes. As usual, there were also “general system stability improvements” to enhance the overall user experience.

Today’s update is slightly different, as it’s a “rebootless” update for the same firmware (Version 15.0.1). As explained by the same source, these updates do not require the console to be restarted or the user to do anything on their end.

This latest one for Version 15.0.1 makes changes to the “bad words” list. Here’s the full rundown from OatmealDome:

[Nintendo Switch Firmware Update] – A rebootless update for 15.0.1 was released.

“The sole changes are to the bad words lists. Various terms were added. It also appears the lists were shuffled a bit to prevent inoffensive text from being accidentally blocked in some languages.”

This is the first rebootless update since Version 14.1.2 in July. You can get the full rundown about the recent Switch firmware updates in our previous coverage:

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