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Nokia G60 hands-on review – comments


more than 300 dollars for an ips panel? really???? HMD the next LG and HTC without a doubt!!


Anders, 34 minutes agoFrom article “Nokia tries to counter the specs inferiority with stock Android software, t… moreYeah, totally. They use it as a marketing ploy, as if they’re the Robin Hood of manufacturers, when they’re doing it to save money, along with using cheap components. Reading the article, I actually thought it was a reasonable effort, but then I got to the price. Why would anyone buy this over the alternatives? Nokia should just give up.


From article “Nokia tries to counter the specs inferiority with stock Android software, the promise of better support, and a focus on reducing the carbon footprint. The G60 comes in a box made of recycled paper, while the phone uses recycled plastic – the back panel is 100% recycled, while the frame is 60%.”

Surely the price should be much lower since Nokia are using secondhand parts?

This “climate consious” BS is just a way of manufacturers making more money and giving us inferior products for the money. Not to mention missing essentials like the charger


Just by looking at picture, i thought it was a OnePlus device…so reading that it’s actually a Nokia, it cross my mind it could be rebranded Nord.

But, then i remembered history in between Nokia and BBK group.


Anonymous, 43 minutes agoBetter than crapmi note 12 series Both absolutely awful. Terrible design, weak SOCs, terrible cameras and the Note 12 series is missing micro SD


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  • Lkg

Better than crapmi note 12 series

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