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Samsung has announced may of its forthcoming 2022 TVs and monitors will introduce support for its new HDR10+ Gaming Standard.

A number of the Neo QLED (Q70 and up) 4K and 8K TVs as well as gaming monitors will be blessed with the new standard, giving them access to features like variable refresh rate at up to 120Hz, as well as automatic HDR color correction, based on what you’re playing.

Samsung says the technology “maintains the artistic intent of game developers” without gamers themselves having to mess around with manual calibration of their set or monitor. All in all these sets promise to be up there with the best gaming TVs in 2022.

In a press release, Samsung explains: “By removing the need for manual settings when games are loaded, something previously only possible with movie and television content, the game engine automatically optimises video game content in real-time. This feature ensures details in the dark shadows and preserves the brightest highlights so that gamers can see and react to everything on the screen. It also configures the display to “true reference mode”, providing better colour, also without the need for gamers to spend additional time with game settings.”

Unfortunately, though the technology will only benefit games that have adopted the company’s HDR10+ standard, which so far trails behind Dolby Vision. The company does say that more game developers are jumping aboard and promises showcases in that regard during CES.

There is a boost coming via Nvidia though, which should help on the PC side of things.

“NVIDIA GeForce gamers can enjoy a brighter, more vivid and consistent HDR gaming experience on their monitors or TVs from the support of the new HDR10+ GAMING standard,” said Vijay Sharma, Director of Product Management at NVIDIA.

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If CES 2022 ends up going ahead, we’ll be in attendance and will have full coverage from Samsung’s presentation and hope to go hands (or at least eyes) on with the company’s latest tellies.


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