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Strictly Come Dancing: week eight – live | Strictly Come Dancing

Blackpool mention less than a minute in! Nice.

Strictly Bingo!

First lesson of the night: half a jar of Biscoff in 15 minutes is definitely too much Biscoff …

Right, I’m going to keep tonight’s bingo very simple – I think “any mention of Blackpool” is going to provide more than enough sips of whatever you’re drinking, right? Plan those loo breaks now.

It’s week 8!

Hello and welcome to this week’s Strictly liveblog! Heidi’s watching the show IRL tonight (woo!), so I’m your supply teacher for the evening. Lucky you!

Did you read our gorgeous interview with the very lovely Hamza earlier this week? Apparently, he only has one down day a year – and I 100% believe that. I’m obsessed. (Ahem, not that I’m naming favourites here … )

Anyway, we’re past the halfway point, it’s the week before Blackpool and there is no distracting theme – the pressure is ON tonight. Join me at 6.55pm for the start of the show.

Until then, I’m off to eat some Biscoff spread out of the jar with a spoon (hey, it’s Saturday night!).

Abdullah Anaman
Abdullah Anaman
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