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This Google Nest Wi-Fi router with two points is now $180 off

The Google Nest Wi-Fi router with two points is now being discounted by 52 percent, bringing it down to its lowest price ever.

this is a google nest wifi system with two points 

The early Black Friday deals have been plentiful this year, with plenty of deals on smartphones, computing products, and even TV and smart home devices. If you’ve been looking to supercharge your home network, the Google Nest Wi-Fi system includes one router and two points that cover up to 5,400 square feet. Best of all, it’s being discounted to just $169.99 for a limited time.

In addition to having massive reach, the Google Nest Wi-Fi system points are also speakers, meaning you can have music flow throughout your house just by having them around. Better still is that they are also smart speakers, meaning you can call upon Google Assistant and ask questions or send commands to other connected devices.

Google Nest Wifi
Nest WiFi Router and 2 Points

You can buy the Google Nest Wi-Fi system with two access points for just $169, a significant discount from its usual price of $349.

While they might be small and compact, the system can handle quite a bit, with a max speed of 2.2 Gbps for the router and 1.2 Gbps for the point. The system can support up to 100 connected devices and offers WPA3 encryption. Furthermore, it will update itself whenever necessary to keep performance at its peak. If you ever need to cover more space, then you can always add on points to expand the coverage. Although setting up a wireless network can be daunting, the Google Nest system makes it easy.

If you’re interested, be sure to click on the link above. If you happen to see it priced differently, chances are that stock has run out or that the promotion has ended. To be fully transparent, one thing to note is that the deal is being offered by a third-party seller on Amazon, which seems to have a good track record over the past 12 months. While this might be worrisome, the retailer does seem to adhere to Amazon’s rules, offering no-hassle returns until January 31 and Amazon Prime expedited shipping.

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