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Weekly poll: if you’re looking for a mid-ranger, will you buy the Realme 10?


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  • vGY

Also, the heavily downgraded Realme 10 is a waste of money. Rather I’ll buy 230 packs of popcorn. Although IDK what will I do with it, but I guess still a better deal than the heavily downgraded realme 10


Realme desperately wants to die young.


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  • vGY

I’m interested if the Pixel 7a is a 5 inch device. Not gonna pay for an brick in my pocket


I need 5G, for coverage not speed since my carrier is adding 5G now, has been for 2yrs.


  • Anonymous
  • uI7

Just no for me poco is better

no, sorry.

helio g99 is essentially d810 without 5g😂😂

also no uw cam disappointing. 2mp being used for design how wasteful. 1 rear cam is enough, we dont need depth sensor!!! isnt that even hard to design for single rear cam system??? probably they took so much effort on designing realme c30.

Does this have to be even a question?


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  • 3SI


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