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wordle: Wordle 548, December 19: Hints and answer for today’s word puzzle

Josh Wardle, a software engineer, based in the US, launched Wordle during the pandemic, and it has now been around for more than a year. The New York Times currently owns the word game after purchasing it from Wardle in January of this year. Free-to-play Wordle has been popular since its inception and is simply a guessing game. After the takeover, NYT made no changes to its features.

Today’s Wordle challenge is once more straightforward. The word that indicates a beginning is one that we are all extremely familiar with. This word can make an excellent second word since it has the right blend of vowels and consonants. There is no unusual consonant in the string of letters, which makes it easy to predict. Despite the frequent spelling, you won’t be scared by the wide range of choices.

Need assistance with Wordle puzzle 548? Read on.

What are the clues for Wordle #548 for December 19?

The word of the day of Wordle#548 comprises two vowels.

The word of the day of Wordle#548 has no repeated letters.

The word of the day of Wordle#548 starts with the letter S.

The word of the day of Wordle#548 ends with a vowel.

The two vowels are A and E.

The word of the day refers to something than can be written on.

What is the answer for Wordle 548 for December 19?

The answer to Wordle 548 is “Slate.” The name implies “a little, thin piece of this used to cover a roof or a dark grey rock that can be easily separated into thin pieces.” Slate also means something than can be written on.


  1. What are the good starting words for Wordle?
    Words like SPIKE, MOIST, and TRAIN which have common consonants and vowels make good starting words for Wordle.
  2. Who owns the game Wordle?
    The game Wordle is owned by The New York Times.

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